Way back when, this place was called “The Little Shack” and before that “The Suntree Tavern” The bar was made of plywood and the floor was covered in peanut shells. The trailer park next door was the source of the regulars and they seemed territorial. In 1995 my little brother{6’2 275lbs} and I came in for a beer. Halfway through our drink my brother, who fears no man, asks, “Are you comfortable in here?” No, was my answer and for the first time we left with beer still in the glass.

A year later I called to tell him I was buying the joint and he declared me insane.

In 1996, my wife Cathy and I bought the place, spent a small fortune and the better part of a year on renovation and opened in September. Suntree and Viera accepted us after they realized the old crowd was gone and we have been going strong ever since.

Progress hit us with an expanded US1, the trailer park became the beautiful BRPH Building and the clean up was complete.

We are open for Dinner and offer Old Fashioned Comfort Food with a difference. We are Chef driven and we make everything in the traditional hands-on method as described by our Chef’s Culinary Institute of America Handbook.

We have a full bar, cold bottled beer and a respectable wine list all brought to you by our friendly staff. Become a “Regular.” Keep an eye on the Website and check our Daily Specials. We hope to see you soon. Pineda Crossing Bar & Grill

A Tradition Since 1996